2015-2016 Comparative History (M.A.), Central European University Budapest
2012-2014 History (M.A.), Presidency University Kolkata
2009-2012 Economics (BSc.), Presidency College Calcutta University

Wissenschaftliche Abschlüsse

2016 Master of Arts, Specialisation in Political Thought
2015 Master of Arts, Title of the master’s thesis: The Political Economy of the Arab Spring – A History
2012 Bachelor of Science, Study Emphasis: Development Economics and Economic History of India

Beruflicher Werdegang

2015 Research Assistant at School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur
University, Profile: Primary Digitisation and archiving of documents recovered
from National Instruments Workers’ Library, Supervisor: Dr Abhijit Gupta, Faculty at Department of English, Jadavpur University and Director, Jadavpur University Press
2015 Research Assistant at Dept. of Economics, Jadavpur University, Profile: British High Commission Funded Policy Project “State-level Export, Competitiveness and Trade Promotion Policies : An Indian Case Study“, Supervisor: Dr. Saikat Sinha Roy, Assistant Professor and Project Director, BHC-JUECON Project, Jadavpur University
2015 Fund collection, Social Media Manager and Relief Allocation for victims of Nepal Earthquake with ‘Students of Bengal in Solidarity with Nepal’ – An independent initiative by students from various Colleges and Universities of West Bengal India.