Key activities

Doctoral Research Project

University Education

2015-2016 Comparative History (M.A.), Central European University Budapest
2012-2014 History (M.A.), Presidency University Kolkata
2009-2012 Economics (BSc.), Presidency College Calcutta University

Academic Degree

2016 Master of Arts, Specialisation in Political Thought
2015 Master of Arts, Title of the master’s thesis: The Political Economy of the Arab Spring – A History
2012 Bachelor of Science, Study Emphasis: Development Economics and Economic History of India

Work Experience

since 01/2019 Visiting Research Student at the King’s India Institute, King’s College (London)
2018 Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Departement of International Developement
2015 Research Assistant at School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur
University, Profile: Primary Digitisation and archiving of documents recovered
from National Instruments Workers’ Library, Supervisor: Dr Abhijit Gupta, Faculty at Department of English, Jadavpur University and Director, Jadavpur University Press
2015 Research Assistant at Dept. of Economics, Jadavpur University, Profile: British High Commission Funded Policy Project “State-level Export, Competitiveness and Trade Promotion Policies : An Indian Case Study“, Supervisor: Dr. Saikat Sinha Roy, Assistant Professor and Project Director, BHC-JUECON Project, Jadavpur University
2015 Fund collection, Social Media Manager and Relief Allocation for victims of Nepal Earthquake with ‘Students of Bengal in Solidarity with Nepal’ – An independent initiative by students from various Colleges and Universities of West Bengal India.


Bibliography, in preparation